Do you have a dream deep inside that you avoid because you feel inadequate or unworthy to bring it to fruition. Inspirational speaker, Tamara Roberts says, "Whether eight or eighty, most women procrastinate taking the first step toward fulfilling their true purpose." But, like Esther, who needed motivational talks herself, we're here, now for such a time as this. Where do we get the confidence to step out? The first step is to recognize who we are and whose we are.

Whether today's purpose for you is to be a a motivational keynote speaker, or a personal evangelist sharing Christ with your neighbor, have no fear. We can do all things through Christ. As daughters of the King of kings, we discover our ultimate worth to our Creator. We’ve been adopted into His royal family. That makes each one of us a princess. We’re not prissy, pampered, princesses. 

He’s promised to empower and equip us to be warrior princesses. 

Our secret weapon is love. 

We can each be mighty women of valor and virtue. 

Doubt and fear fall by the wayside when we understand whose we are. 

So each day Bring Your Own Tiara™ 

with you as you step out in confidence to fulfill your destiny.


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