About Bring Your Own Tiara™

Bring Your Own Tiara™ Events

Host your own Bring Your Own Tiara Event where you can giggle and glow with your women’s group as you get to know more about the King of kings and His plan for equipping and empowering you daily.

Bring Your Own Tiara Events educate women and girls through hilarious fun and touch the deep places of the heart through women’s events, luncheons, gatherings, seminars, six-week courses, and literature. Though some events will work for all ages, most are specifically targeted to specific age groups.

Tamara Roberts

Founder of Bring Your Own Tiara™ - Christian Speaker and Author

With a passion to encourage, empower, and equip people through deep and hilarious gatherings, materials, and coaching to help fulfill your purpose, Tamara believes you are unique, created for a special purpose. Recognize and exercise your unique purpose. Learn from the ancient writings of the Creator of the Universe and the latest scientific discoveries regarding your body, mind, and spirit.

You'll be enriched by Tamara's unique knowledge and experience base, memories and miseries, flips and flops, and joys and sorrows.

Additional Events

Bring Your Own Tiara events (ages: 7-100+ years old)

Princess Academy (grades: K-3 and 4-7)          

Walking in Confidence Seminars (grades: Middle and High School)

Becoming a Woman of Valor (ages: 7-100+ years old)

Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit Seminars (ages: 18-100+ years old)